Winter is here and so is dry indoor air. Have you thought about adding an Aprilaire whole-house humidifiers to replace the moisture your dry, heated indoor air needs? Many of Frost Brothers Heating and Air clients have found that getting the humidity levels right in the home will make the air you breath healthier for your and your family, more comfortable, and preserve the wood furnishing, trim, and flooring in your home. This is true for Lewisville, TX and all the surrounding communities.

Add Humidity To Dry, Heated Air in Your Home for Health

Using a product like Aprilaire whole house humidifier will raise the humidity in your home in the winter. This could prevent respiratory infections reduce asthma. Proper levels of indoor humidity provide effective profection from airborne viruses. That includes the common cold and Covid-19. Many will note reduced incidences of nose bleeds, sore throats, and dry skin.

Add Humidity to Dry, Heated Air in Your Home for Comfort

Reduce the heat. You can when there is more moisture in the air. Whole house humidifiers like those from Aprilaire can replace the low levels of humidity common in heated homes in Lewisville during the winter months. Humidity works for us in hte winter and against us in the summer.

Add Humidity to Dry, Heated Air in Your Home to Keep Wood Surfaces Safe

When wood looses moisture in the winter time, it shrinks. This shrinkage often leads to cracks in wooden furniture and floors. Keep moisture levels at the proper amount and prevent most of these issues.

For added convenience of Frost Brothers AC Repair, you can also control some models of Aprilaire humidifiers from your smartphone with an app. It will send you alerts to replace your water panels to keep your whole-home humidifier and HVAC system running efficiently.