The air handler, also known as the blower, is a fundamental component of your HVAC system. It consists of several parts including the blower motor, heating and cooling elements, filter racks, and chambers. Its primary function is to circulate conditioned air - heated or cooled - throughout your home's ductwork and out through the vents into each room.

The blower motor is particularly critical, as it powers the fan that circulates the air. When the thermostat signals the need for heating or cooling, the blower motor kicks in, pulling air from the rooms of your home into the HVAC system. This air is then conditioned - heated by the furnace or cooled by the air conditioner - and sent back through the ductwork by the blower.

Regular maintenance of the air handler is crucial to ensure efficient operation of your HVAC system. This includes regular filter changes and professional servicing to keep the blower motor and other components in top working order.

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