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Record Heatwave Expected in Lewisville TX: HVAC Systems Face Strain as Temperatures Soar to 105°F

With summers becoming hotter and more intense each year, the chances of experiencing heatwaves are also increasing. In Lewisville, TX, an upcoming heatwave is expected to bring unprecedented temperatures of up to 105°F, leaving heating and cooling equipment under immense pressure to keep homes and businesses comfortable. While high temperatures pose various health risks to individuals, they are also a significant strain on HVAC systems, which must work overtime to maintain a comfortable living and working environment. In this blog post, we will discuss the impact of extreme heat on HVAC systems and what homeowners and business owners can do to prepare.

As temperatures start to soar, the air conditioning units in our homes and businesses are working overtime to keep seniors, children, and everyone in between cool and comfortable. When temperatures exceed the normal range, the systems face a significant amount of strain, leading to higher energy consumption, which in turn can lead to an increase in electricity bills. Furthermore, the constant use of HVAC systems during a heatwave can put them under immense stress, leading to breakdowns and costly repairs.

One of the most effective ways to avoid that is by carrying out routine maintenance of HVAC systems before the heatwave strikes. This includes cleaning the filters and vents, ensuring the thermostat is working correctly, and checking for any signs of wear and tear. Hiring professionals for tune-up and maintenance can help identify and repair any underlying issues that could cause the system to break down when you rely on it the most.

Another way to reduce the stress on HVAC systems during a heatwave is by taking preventive measures, such as installing window films, shades or awnings to keep the heat out. Similarly, insulation of attic and roofs can prevent the transfer of heat and reduce the overall impact on the HVAC system.

In conclusion, with a record heatwave expected this summer, homeowners and business owners in Lewisville, TX need to take proactive measures to prepare their HVAC systems. Performing regular maintenance, taking preventive measures, and calling in professional technicians to identify any underlying problems are all effective ways to mitigate the risks of a breakdown during extreme temperature peaks. By doing so, you’ll save on energy bills and unexpected repair costs, ensuring that everyone stays comfortable, safe, and healthy during the upcoming heatwave.